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Keighley College Careers Fair

Yorkshire Sales and Marketing Developments, attended the Keighley Careers Fair on Friday 11th March 2016 organised by the Keighley Member of Parliament, Kris Hopkins together with Keighley College and was also attended by Nick Boles the Secretary of State for Skills.

During the students and those seeking employment including students from many senior schools, and students from Keighley College attended the event.

The new Keighley College has won many international awards for its design and construction and has become a focal point within the town of Keighley, Over 100 businesses and organisations exhibited at the fair, from many local businesses to the armed forces. Many of these local businesses have their Head Office located in the Keighley area. Graham was assisting Yorkshire Sales and Marketing Developments who had stands at the careers fair. Prior to the careers fair opening at 10.00hrs a “round-table event was held with senior representatives from many of the local Keighley business in attendance together the local MP Kris Hopkins and Nick Boles the Secretary of State for Skills.

Amongst the topics discussed were;
difficulties in recruiting, access to the right-types of industrial buildings and particular skills shortages.

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